Soylent Green (and increasingly Spam) is PEOPLE!

"First of all, congratulations on getting the job, you deserve it for being such a nice nature loving person. And secondly, bees are indeed awesome, I love bees ever since I can remember, even though when I was I child I only knew that “bees help the planet make flowers”. "

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That's a blog comment that was awaiting moderation. What I have left out is the link it contained. I can't help noticing that human spam is now the norm. It seems we have realised that the only way to prove to a machine that a comment came from a human and is therefore not spam, is to ensure it actually did come from a human.

With unemployment high in many countries, and with internet access now available in countries where pay is extremely low it  was inevitable I suppose that people would start to employ real people as spammers. Give them a link or two, and pay per comment they manage to get posted. Not phased by having to sign in, or by having to pass the dreaded CAPTCHA test these humans can just rapidly type a reasonable splurge as a reply, add the link  and on they go.

The only way to defeat this human spam at the moment seems to be by being human, so I have moderation turned on on this blog for every comment after 24hrs of the post going live. You get 24hrs of un censored comment time, then I'm on the case.

Do you have a blog? Do you find this style of human spam is increasing?

hmmm human spam. I think I'll rename it, to Soylent Green.

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  1. I've noticed an increase in spam comments over the last few days. I really like your idea of leaving comments open for 24 hours then making them moderated, that's something that I might consider as the vast majority of my real comments appear within that time.


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