Rainforests, chocolate and nits

Dd has hair longer than Rapunzel's (she doesn't but it is waist length) and luckily she no longer seems in the age group for the dreaded nits. But when she did we were fans of shampoos that repelled the wee blighters and we discovered Vosene do several good shampoos and sprays. As she has grown so has the Vosene range and we now use the shampoos for grown ups and we adore the after swim wash.

I blog and tweet about Vosene a bit and so it was nice to be invited up to London for breakfats at the Rainforest cafe. DD and I had never been so we thought a day out would be nice. Up bright and early we even had chance to explore Picadilly before the bacon started :-) We explored M&M World which, at 9am on a Saturday was empty! What fun, the staff spoiled us with free M&Ms.


Then on to the Rainforest Cafe with it's fantastic 3d rain forest interior, interactive floors, fish tanks, water falls, animal sounds etc - I really hope to convince DD that we should return sometime for a treat.


And it was great to see the new Vosene products (I use the one for grey hair!) I'm keen to try the ones that have no SLS or SLES in them! and the bath oil. The new scent of the nit repellant spray is lovely and some of the new fruit aromas were yum!!


We had a fabulous time, met up with some bloggers we already knew and some new ones. What delightful children you all have by the way! No whingers or screamers, just fun happy cheeky kids.


So here are the photos from our trip. (including the walk back through St James park)  Are you in the pics? Do comment!

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