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The summer is nearly at an end but amazingly I am still having fun with those initial 10 things I bought at the 99p Stores! My 99p Summer has turned out to be more crafty than I imagined! 

We are still building tracks and tunnels for the Whizzy Bugs (99p each)
and next week we hope to be camping and playing with the bag of tiny water ball bombs, and the pack of frisbees and boomerangs! (a mixed pack for 99p!). I also hope we'll need to 99p sun protection milk!

We have a pipe cleaner animal creation set in reserve in case of bad weather

But today we launched 'operation T shirt' using a 99p T shirt (what else!) and a pack of 99p permanent markers.

Careful to place a piece of card inside the T shirt so the pen didn't mark through to the back, DD began planning her design. She went for a simple but colourful 'Live, Laugh, Love' theme and set to work.


After some snipping at the bottom, removing the hem and cutting strips up the T shirt she was left with a funky fringed T shirt she is rather proud of, for the princely sum of £1.98 and of course we still have the pens for another project.

Thanks again to the 99p stores for the chance to have fun this summer and I hope the posts have given you some ideas for some bargain value fun of your own!

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  1. Anonymous23/8/13

    It's not easy drawing on a t-shirt, your daughter did a really nice job.


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