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There is a very real chance that at least 2 people reading this are sitting on the toilet. Yes you! I see you (I don’t, that would be creepy and bit pervy if you ARE on the loo) 

Lots of people take the few brief moments of calm while sitting on the loo to check texts, emails, blogs, twitter, etc Numerous studies have shown this to be unhygienic (as if we needed a study – bloomin’ obvious if you ask me!) but we still do it because in this technological world of ‘labour saving devices’ (haha) we seem more rushed, more busy and more stressed than ever before.

Who knows why? Maybe it’s FOMO (fear of missing out) or maybe it’s lack of real friends in a digital age, or a genuine lack of time, I know that parents seem forced to rush form one activity to another, ferrying children in cars from event to event, monitoring their whereabouts, terrified to let them play out without supervision due to the threat of pedophiles (and I’d love to say ‘oh that didn’t happen in the 70s’ but looking at recent evidence I’d be wrong) or traffic. I saw recently on twitter that mums asked what they would do with 5 minutes to themselves struggled with an answer, so rare was the occurrence!

Anyway, the loo, the toilet, the bog, as a respite area, a calm haven in a busy work day or a hectic home full of small screaming children, unhygienic but needs must.

But wait, danger lurks, even in your calm and peaceful water closet…

From the news this week Fox attacks man on Toilet!

And other stories of toilet horror abound

Things like Rat crawls out of toilet

And Three foot lizard in supermarket toilet

And Squirrel found in toilet

and also Snake bites man's penis as he sits on toilet!!!

So now…still sitting comfortably? 

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  1. Well those stories put one off going to the loo!
    I shall now double flush before even sitting lol

  2. Not on my toilet, it's dead clean! I do read and tweet on the loo, but I read this walking between shops - still multitasking! ;)

  3. Oh god, first I can't sleep before checking under the bed and in the wardrobe after watching Luther, and now I daren't go to the karzy. What have you done to me?


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