Unable to 'rein' myself in any longer, I talk horsemeat ..

Horse close up eye
Sorry for the late arrival of this blog post, this was caused by the wrong type of meat in a lasagne. 

I wasn’t going to blog about this, the horse meat thing. Everyone else has had a right old go. Probably more eloquently that I will be able to. People have had clever arguments and stupid reactions and hilarious jokes. 

I wasn’t going to talk about it. 

I tweeted a few times, shock at the number of horses there must be somewhere for all this horse meat to have appeared and to be so cheap. The usual shock at people grossed out by having eaten a meat they clearly enjoyed but who now feel nauseous as it contained My Little Pony. Anger that drugs may have entered the food chain due to poor checks. 

And then, and then I heard a chap from a laboratory talking about the testing and explaining they didn’t routinely test for other DNA, they only tested when asked!!!! 

So, unless asked they didn’t test for horse. Are you listening!! This means that unless asked they don’t test for dog either, or rat, or pigmy hippo or….and think on this … or human DNA. 

woman in hat with smoke
And then the news hinted that all of this was a huge fraud that the Mafia may be involved…the Mafia. 

And wait, aren’t the ready meals mostly Italian food based? Bolognese, lasagne…. 

So now we know what happens to the rest of the horse after you find the head in your bed, but worse still maybe concrete overshoes and sleeping with the fishes are old hat, maybe, just maybe, "keeping your friends close and your enemies closer" takes on a whole new meaning when your enemies are smothered in Mama’s special Bolognese sauce! 

I’m married to an Italian. He said I should blog this as it made him laugh when I ranted it during the news the other night. If I never blog again. Think of me when you eat meat stuffed tortellini. 

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  1. Is your next blog about Soylent Green? Just asking.....

  2. Had to google Soylent Green. Had no idea what it was! I'm so glad I don't eat red meat (not much meat at all, in fact).


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