I got a smoothie maker for Christmas

And I love it!

It's a Kenwood Smoothie to Go and no they are not paying me, I told you, it was a present!

I love that you can't run it and forget to leave the top off like in a comedy film and cover the kitchen in blueberry juice. I love that the jug part is also a travel cup or storage cup and that you can add frozen or fresh fruit. I love that it is SO easy to clean and quick to use that it's unlikely to be left to fester in the 'unused gadgets' area of the kitchen. You can even use it to puree soup (although only when the soup is cold and I haven't tried that yet)

So far my favourites are orange juice with frozen raspberries, fresh blueberries, and half an apple.

Orange Juice with fresh pineapple and a clementine.

Apple juice with frozen raspberries.

Yoghurt with milk, honey and nutmeg.

I'm going to branch out into bananas soon (I enjoyed typing that) and also look forward to summer and more berries. I might try cooked rhubarb and orange and honey....

Getting my five a day has never been so much fun, so easy or so tasty! DD loves it too.

What are your favourite smoothies?

Edited on 8/1/2013 to add - The Silver version is on sale for £23.99 at the moment on Amazon in case you want to treat yourself

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