Plastic Bags - #NationalPoetryDay

A rustling in the trees, as of crinolines in halls
A swoop and slide, as owls in flight.
Whisper quiet, on white feet along the pavements they run
Hiding and sliding from the weather's breath
A flash of colour, a sudden sight as they soar into the air
Dancing on sunbeams as light as butterflies.
5p? Too cheap the price for disposable beauty that clogs the land with poison.

• Plastic bags are rubbish and in the EU we create more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic bag waste each year
• Use of plastic bags in the UK has gone up this year to over 8 billion single use carrier bags produced
• These plastic bags will litter our environment for over 2,000 years - polluting our seas, our cities, our countryside and killing our wildlife
Now for some optimism
It's not inevitable! In countries where a ban or 5p charge has been introduced plastic bag use has typically dropped over 95%.
Lush are supporting the Break the Bag Habit campaign and asking the Government to implement a 5p charge following the model introduced in Wales.
With this model retailers would be required by law to charge 5p for bags with all profits from the charge going to local environmental charities! Everyone's a winner!!
Lush are running a competition to coincide with the initiative. Click the picture below for more information.
There are so many great places to buy fabulous cotton bags - we really have no excuse!
here are a few I love

Etsy - Crocheted goodness from Aniknits
Do you carry a bag 'just in case'? Do you use plastic bags? What do you think about a 5p charge? Would it make you remember your bag?

1 comment:

  1. Love the poem!
    I never normally go out thinking that I will buy something, but usually do!
    I always take a tote bag out with me that I put all the kids things in, so will usually just chuck the shopping in there, especially when M&S mention that 5p charge.
    Love the over 95% drop, are we really thinking about the environment, or are we all just tight with money? ;)
    Will always reuse plastic bags though


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