Off to School

Back to School.
It’s been a while since DD started school.
Now she is starting High School and is practically a grown up.
But I remember the first time I saw her in her school uniform, how cute she looked but also suddenly how grown up.

She had attended a nursery for a couple of days a week so she was used to being away from us. That first time that they are left though, often far more heart breaking for mum and dad than it is for the child!

We had one rule, no lies. We explained to DD that she would be a nursery for a little while, that we would be back at lunch time, then we said goodbye and left. We both cried.  One thing I have never done (or would do) is sneak off when DD wasn’t looking! Can you imagine! One minute you are playing in the sand and then you look round and mum is … gone! How can you ever trust her again! Where ever you go she may sneak off at any time! No, no lies, it may make saying goodbye painful for parents but to sneak off and destroy the trust DD has in me would be far worse. (and it's not like it even ensures your child doesn't cry! It just ensures you don't see it!)

And if you choose to send you child to nursery or school, despite any tears (yours or the small persons) I hope all your first days went well.

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