This internet thing is good isn't it?

I love the internet. I love the information at our fingertips, the music, the news, the comedy, the pictures...

When I first started using it Yahoo groups were all the rage, forums were popular and Myspace was a cool new idea for musicians. I embraced it all.I still am a member and moderator for several Yahoo Groups (CMT, Border Terriers, to name a couple) I still have a Myspace (yes really) and although I left most forums, there are a couple I pop into now and again.

 I started this blog back in July 2005 (the 5th!) and while there were long gaps with no posting I have enjoyed having it as a space for my thoughts and rants.

 I am a reluctant Facebook-er, a past member of Friends Reunited, but as regular readers know it's Twitter that I really love.

 And I love the interaction the most.It's like the forums but faster paced and never empty. I have talked to celebrities, authors, TV stars, companies, musicians, parents, dogs, plush rabbits, vampires, teenagers...in fact you name it/them and we have probably chatted. A few weeks back I was mentioned by (and later tweeted with) Brian Blessed, can life get better than that?

Apparently yes it can, because as part of a Vosene Event online to raise money for the NSPCC I now have the pleasure of hearing and seeing! Duncan James from Blue sing a tweet for my friends Mamacrow and Eddsnotdead.

May I proudly present...

Thank you Vosene! (and Duncan James)

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