Middle class festival

I'm loving camp bestival. And one of the things i like most is spotting middle class kids names. Don't get me wrong, i'm middle class and very guilty of picking a pretentious name for my daughter, maybe that's why i enjoy the game of spotting others. We've been here 4 hours and so far have
Oscar, Lily, Rosie, Amber, Freya (3 of those), Alexandrina, Poppy, Finn,


  1. There are a load of chav kids around here called Lily and Poppy. Must be catching on. Obscure Welsh names are a sure sign of middle class breeding in these parts!

  2. Alexandrina, that's a bit of a mouthful! I have a Ruby which was lovely and unusual (circa 2005) until they had that blinking chavvy Ruby on Eastenders, now every other child in London seems to be called that! That's why we moved to Denmark where she is unique again (not really!). Emma :)


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