Laying in the Kids Field watching the world go by

With a couple of hours til the next band we want to see, DD has insisted on a spell at the merriment put on for the kids. She is playing on the crazy bikes near the Breastival Temple and Baby Chill Out Tent. We have eaten our weight in churros and last night had a fabulous pie with mash, from Pieminister. Now the barbecue at River cottage smells good, but i nned to leave room for WI cakes and tea later; should a festival really include this much eating?

luckily towing a trolley around is keeping me fit, excellent for the late night stuff when DD sleeps in it, and during the day i drop a side down and use it as a sofa.

today is fancy dress day, started rainy, now sunny and some great costumes around. A camel in a tutu just walked by.

we saw mr tumble earlier, and dick and dom. But later it's all about mark ronson.

oh and eliza doolittle, oh and house of pain ;-)


  1. We love Camp Bestival over here too! Love the middle-class-ness of it all, where was Boden this year? And pieminister do the best flipping pies - fact! X

  2. We love Camp Bestival over here. Best pies and lots of safe m/c people with their Boden attired mini-mes! Where was Boden tent this year?! I have pics on my blog if you want to see me trying to be m/c with my children Milo & Millicent!!


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