Another Book Giveaway? can it be true?

Yes gentle reader it can!!

The adorable people at Punk Publishing sent a book to me in error (see previous post) so they sent me a little something extra when they corrected the mistake, and as I said that I was a 'more basic camper' they included a different type of camping book.

I give you

tiny campsites - by Dixe Wills

This book is too adorable for words! All the campsites listed are tiny (the clue's in the name!) under 1 acre and they have all been visited and reviewed by Dixe himself, an eco traveller fond of a bicycle (not overly fond like that chap in Scotland....ahem.....) any way he cycles to many of these little out of the way places and none are adverts - in that no one paid to be in the book. They are spread across the UK, and you would be sure to find one you would adore, no posh shower blocks, no playgrounds,  (actually there are some with all those things, and several with a pub so that was all a lie! but you get the idea!) fire pits, streams, no rules, just lots of fun!

Each site is clearly set out, with ratings for friendliness cost etc, there are pros and cons of each site, maps, top tips and clear lists of facilities ( loos, electricity, recycling etc)

I'm already in love with the book and cannot wait to try some of the sites Spyway Inn - with a great name and a pub! or Foxhole Bottom (go on snigger! why wouldn't you want to stay there!!) many are 'no music except acoustic intruments' and one has discounts for musicians!

And now because I asked nicely I have a spare copy of this awesome book!! a Book for the camper that likes it 'real' (or likes a pub - or both!) a book for the camper with no car! (or a car) a book for the camper with no children! (or even free range children, that like to get muddy, climb trees and roast marshmallows over glowing firepits) Yes a book for everyone that loves camping!!

So tell me why you love to camp - and the book could be yours, comments below please to be entered in the draw, which will take place on 10th July 2010

Good luck, may the keenest camper win!


  1. I love camping for the freedom the kids get and in they the freedom I get. Not stuck to s timetable. Also love the friends you make on the site. Many rights put wrong under a starry sky with a warm cuppa in hand. Did I mention the stars. Another reason I love camping you see the stars at night xx

  2. Anonymous6/7/10

    Camping is the bees knees for us. With four children anything else is usually too pricey and it is hard to satisfy everybody's needs. When we are camping there is something for everyone to do, the teen can roam free, the middlies can make new friends and can usually be found in someone else's tent and the 4 year old can ramble around with them or us, happily. I love being outside when the sun is going down and watching the stars begin to appear. I love the freedom of packing up and moving on, of finding new places and meeting new people. I even quite like it when it rains and we're all huddled inside playing a stupid game and eating junk!

  3. Well, I can't comment 'cos I've never camped, but I can tell you why I would like to camp:

    Once, when our toilet broke and I couldn't afford a plumber, I pooed into a bucket outside then flushed it down the sewer grid. Then a few weeks later I could afford a plumber, and got it fixed. But I miss pooing outside in the freezing cold, looking at the stars.


    LOL no I'm just hoping I might meet Ray.... :D

  4. Anonymous7/7/10

    Another camping book giveaway?!?! Surely if I enter both I've got to win something (or maybe both ;-))

    Me and hubby started camping about 4 years ago with our tiny tent, no electric and a teeny stove just big enough for a kettle. I hadn't camped since I was at school, on a mates back garden, and wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not but I loved it and have been hooked ever since!

    I love that its a cheap holiday, the cooking outside and meeting new people. I love sitting in the tent with hubby playing cards by lantern light and I love being woken by the birds singing.

  5. Camping always represented a freedom to me, a get up and go devil may care, eating bbq and roasting marshmallows,it's got harder with two smalls in tow but we have promised ourselves we will do more this year, perhaps this book will give us the incentive to find somewhere a little different...

  6. I used http://www.random.org/ to select the winner, and it is


    Congratulations, the rest of you NEED to buy this book it is so great!


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