Not a rant - a nice post about my holiday, sorry

I know you'd all prefer a rant but I honestly don't have one! well I do, I have lots but nothing that would take up a blog post, just lots of tweet sized (140 characters for those that don't tweet) ones that are over in a jiffy, so if I blogged them this would just be a repeat of the 'I am Grumpy' Meme that I did a while ago.......

So I shall share a few pics and a comment on my recent Holiday to Port Aventura in Salou, Spain, where I stayed in a lovely hotel, ate lovely food, drank too much beer, went on awesome rides and met the lovely Very Bored in Catalunya, who was not boring (and hopefully not bored by me!) she was in fact delightful, as was her tiny boy.

@Vbincatalunya and i meet! She is lovely, i am a terrible hos... on Twitpic  Here we are! trying not to look like the same person!


We (my DD and I)  stayed The Hotel Vil La Romana, a great hotel that I've now stayed in twice, I always enjoy the food and the staff are very helpful and it's only a 10 minute walk to the PortAventura theme park, which is pretty much why we are there at all!

One of the things they are good at is decorative food!

There was sea

There were cocktails

There were theme park rides

Including 8 loop roller coasters :-)

Really there was just WAY too much fun ;-)

and we can't wait to go back.

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