I dislike guest posts on blogs.

Phew, I’ve said it.

I’m probably just not in with the in-crowd or something but I just don’t get it, why have a guest?

I follow some blogs and they are bloody fantastic. Trust me, life is too short to follow boring blogs, if I follow them they are amazing, for a variety of reasons but amazing none the less. If I like a blog then that’s what I want to read, I feel tricked to arrive at a fresh post on a loved blog to discover it’s by a stranger. What is this? (I cry internally) what am I reading?, I’m disorientated, lost, confused (it doesn’t take much). And when I realise I feel like I’m suddenly in someone else’s underwear! It’s wrong, so so wrong.

If there is a blog that you love that you think I would love, you could link it, or link a specific post and tell me why to visit, after all, it would be easy for me to do, only a mouse click, it’s not as if you are asking me to walk 3 miles to another house to say hello. Why invite this stranger to invade my brain! Maybe I’m over sensitive. But there you go, that’s me. So if I don’t comment on a guest post on your blog it’s most likely because I didn’t read it all, but stopped in horror half way through and ran off for a nice hot shower.

What could possibly be a good reason for a guest blogger on a blog………..?

 Disclaimer : obviously I'm not really telling you what to do on your own blog!! This is just how I feel - and I realise I'm odd!


  1. I totally agree and blogged pretty much the same thing last time there was a guest blog day. I hate it but also feel a bit like an outcast standing up and saying it - so well done you ;) You have at least one person who agrees with you here

  2. LOL, I'm guessing you'll get a lot of work done today what with you not reading any blogs and all...

    PS not odd just different. x

  3. Have to agree - I follow blogs because I like the person. I think it's done to increase incoming links (or something....) and I think that is counted as a measure in the Tots 100 index (possibly)

    so to summarise... possibly haven't a clue or something similar as to why guest blogs - although I did do one for someone else - I wouldn't want anyone on mine ;-)

  4. I do understand where you are coming from - however, I personally like guest blogs every now and then (as long as it really is occasional).
    For me it has been a good way to discover new blogs, and I suppose for others to discover mine, especially as I haven't been blogging that long myself.

  5. Anonymous28/5/10

    *phew* It's not just me then? I thought I was a complete outcast for not wanting to play swap the blog.. I mean, I know I am quite new to all of this but I just don't quite get the point of it?
    I think there are so many other ways to find new blogs or recommend blogs you like to others, but for me, the whole guest blog thing isn't the way.
    I think you summed it up perfectly when you said that it feels like you are in somebody elses underwear! Hehe! But then again, it is no secret how easily confused I am... ; )

  6. Its funny, I think the same but im such a follower of the crowd I join in, daft huh!

  7. hahahahahaha so funny that I'm not alone! (I was sure I would be!) and even funnier that Hayley joins in even though she doesn't want to! so easily led *tut tut* :-)

  8. I couldn't take the pressure anyway....well done for coming out with it. ;0)

  9. I don't know how I feel exactly about guest blogs. I think when they're just done for no real reason, like guest post day, I'm not into it and like you feel dissapointed.
    However, when a blogger is going away for a while, like Notes from Lapland and can't blog, it's completely understandable that they'd host guests to make sure their blog isn't static.
    And some bloggers, like Organic MOtherhood wuth Coolwhip have a specific guest post day and share some great bloggers that way but if you're a regular reader then you'd know it's a guest post day and could avoid if you want.
    So, I guess it depends on how it's done.

  10. You should have let me write this blog for you as a guest blogger. We have missed a joke opportunity ;)

  11. Anonymous29/5/10

    I totally agree with you :) I prefer recommendations & links to click on rather than a guest post been forced on me. Well done for putting it out there!

  12. Hiya, hope you follow some of the best blogs.. ahem... I agree with you in part, as I notice I haven't really read the guest blog posts much over the weekend, I want to hear from the blogger i follow. BUT and it's an important but, there is a time when a guest blog can be really important. For example on my blog today I have a guest post from someone who has come forward to tell a harrowing but important story about child abuse. It's important to get the message out there of what to look for because abused children don't always ask for help, people they trust - parents, teachers, grandparents - often need to reach out for them. I didn't realise it, but I didn't know one of the most important 'signs' of abuse as represented in behaviour. My anon guest poster was very brave in posting it, it's such an important post and a message that could only have been put forward anonymously. It's here - http://www.vegemitevix.com/2010/05/30/open-your-eyes/

  13. I agree. I tend to just click away. But then I do that with recipes, and most photos, and memes, and... Maybe I'm just fussy, and other people love that stuff.

  14. wow! I'm amazed that so many people think the same thing! I was sure I was alone!

  15. Anonymous22/3/11

    I once guest blogged on someone else's blog every day for a week. But that was a daily photo blog, the main contributor was on holiday, and it meant the photos kept coming. If anyone felt annoyed by this, they didn't mention it.

    The absolute worst context for guesting has to be web comics. The guest strips don't fit in with the ongoing theme and break up the flow. I'd rather the comics stopped updating for a couple of weeks.


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