I dislike guest posts on blogs.

Phew, I’ve said it.

I’m probably just not in with the in-crowd or something but I just don’t get it, why have a guest?

I follow some blogs and they are bloody fantastic. Trust me, life is too short to follow boring blogs, if I follow them they are amazing, for a variety of reasons but amazing none the less. If I like a blog then that’s what I want to read, I feel tricked to arrive at a fresh post on a loved blog to discover it’s by a stranger. What is this? (I cry internally) what am I reading?, I’m disorientated, lost, confused (it doesn’t take much). And when I realise I feel like I’m suddenly in someone else’s underwear! It’s wrong, so so wrong.

If there is a blog that you love that you think I would love, you could link it, or link a specific post and tell me why to visit, after all, it would be easy for me to do, only a mouse click, it’s not as if you are asking me to walk 3 miles to another house to say hello. Why invite this stranger to invade my brain! Maybe I’m over sensitive. But there you go, that’s me. So if I don’t comment on a guest post on your blog it’s most likely because I didn’t read it all, but stopped in horror half way through and ran off for a nice hot shower.

What could possibly be a good reason for a guest blogger on a blog………..?

 Disclaimer : obviously I'm not really telling you what to do on your own blog!! This is just how I feel - and I realise I'm odd!