Things the darling child says

obviously all children are amazing.

Just being able to learn a whole new language from NOTHING in a couple of years can convince me of that! but while busy learning a language they are learning so much more! Imagine if we continued to learn at the rate of a child! Go on just stop and think for a second, good lord! the world would be filled with amazing brains, it would be incredible....

so with that in mind it should come as no surprise to me that my own 10 year old is as bright as a button and while lacking the experience of an adult, and having a rather 'black and white' view of the world (not always a bad thing!) she can occasionally still stun me with utterances of brilliance, although to be fair they are also often questions...

example one

The other day i was talking about babies, she is baby obsessed!, and we were talking about all the things that babies need etc etc I asked her (just on a whim as it's a hot Twitter topic)
"What age do you think a baby should be breastfed until?"

Her reply? "Until it wants to stop?"

Of course! how simple! how have so many learned adults missed this!! not 4 months, 6 months, 1 year, until he has teeth, until he can, walk, talk etc etc but UNTIL HE WANTS TO STOP!

Excellent 10/10 go to the top of the class!

example two

this morning we noticed that one of the stick insects is extremely ill/old and near death. I suggested it may be a kindness to 'put it out of it's misery' (we've done this before - she always does it while sobbing uncontrollably! I'd always worried she would be scarred for life) but today she looked at the stick insect and decided it was not yet time.

Then she turned to me and said "When I am old and nearly dead i want the Drs to put me down like an old dog so I don't suffer" I explained that, oddly, that isn't allowed. She was shocked!

"But they do it with dogs! People are more important than dogs!" I explained that some people think that killing people for any reason is wrong. I told her about the clinic in Switzerland...

"well then I 'll go there" she said "they seem sensible"


  1. Sensible indeed. When you put it like it makes perfect sense, doesn't it? The legalities (or rather lack of) of euthanasia confuse the hell out of me.

  2. Anonymous12/1/10

    Your daughter seems to have her head screwed on right. Good work :)

  3. Looks like you have done a fab job raising her. I love how simple children make life sound. How do we manage to make it so complicated?

  4. SnafflesMummy - indeed! today she said - "when I'm dead I want to donate anything in my body that would help someone, after all I'll be dead and won't need it"

  5. It's allowed in Belgium, too.


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