I got an award!

but I'm not as excited as I was when I read I got it! I went and looked and dammit if I don't have to DO something to claim it! Huh! what kind of award is THAT! Where's the trophy for the shelf ? the flowers? the chocolate? no where that's where just an award where I have to DO STUFF!

Thank you, I am very happy to receive this prestigious award, I would like to thank my agent, my family etc etc It is a proud moment and I am thrilled and can't wait to get started!

please choose one of the preceding paragraphs to show how I feel about this award ;-)

so thank you very much Very Bored HouseWife I have to tell 10 secrets, and to be fair I'm not the kind of girl that keeps secrets, no really I'm not! so I may struggle, or have to tell 'secrets' that are actually known to a few people but not to all of you dear readers!

  1. I have CMT (charcot-marie-tooth aka Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy) sounds nasty? it isn't a bowl of cherries to be sure. But I have it very mildly, my ankles are weak, my balance is very poor (this icy weather is a nightmare!) and my hands are extremely weak, my fingers are clawed, I have witches hands. On the plus side it affects pain perception, if you ask me, having a baby isn't painful at all ;-) just a bit tiring.
  2. I own a sex toy that I bought when I was 18, used a few times and then wanted to get rid of it! I have no idea how to throw it away as I'm scared the bin men would see it! It's hardly the kind of item you can put on Freecycle or send to 'Help the Aged' either. So it's hidden at the back of a cupboard. I bet the batteries have all leaked inside it. I refuse to look.
  3. I regularly 'find' people when travelling, I have to date ; met a girl on a train that was going to the same college as me and we are now firm friends; met a nun stranded with no way home due to a train strike, so we shared a taxi with her; found a man in California that missed the same train we did, we took him to another station; and today collected 2 ladies at a bus stop waiting for a bus that I knew was cancelled...after telling them we ended up travelling together.
  4. I'm a snob. Not really a secret. but I'm not proud, I do try but I know I'm a snob, I hate instant coffee, can only drink it real, I prefer to use a fountain pen to a biro, I like posh things and generally enjoy the highlife. I'm much more Penelope Keith than Felicity Kendall in the Good Life
  5. I love camping more than almost anything else. Tents are my passion but I also long to own an old VW van. I love to do festivals with my daughter. I love it all the mud, the nasty toilets, the late nights, the beer, the friends, the strangers..........hhmmmm doesn't really go with 4 above does it? maybe I'm not so posh after all!
  6. I love the Twilight series (this is not a secret - more of a confession!)
  7. I am terrified of spiders
  8. I wish I had taken a different career path but am afraid to risk losing the money I make in order to change it.
  9. I'm hopelessly untidy and disorganised. I'm lazy and a procrastinator. I am happy with this.
  10. I always said I wouldn't diet but now I'm 10 stone I think I really should look at what I eat and how much beer I drink. I want to be 9 stone again, I liked it there it felt good.
so there we go and apart from number 2 which is a proper secret, I really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel! the only good news is that I can pass this award on! How super I shall award it to

Lucy Melford (cos I'm loving her Brighton Museum posts!)


Blunt Bloke


Madam Salami

oh and also


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