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a while ago I read on the BBC (my favourite news site - I told you I was middle class) that a man was arrested and found guilty of buying decommissioned guns and converting them back to real firearms and selling them on as murder kits at £2000 a piece (This is not an advert! don't all rush to get one!) In the UK this is illegal. It is illegal to own a gun without a licence and some kinds of guns......well you just can't get a licence so you can't own one, gun such as high velocity repeating rifles, stuff like the AK-47 which brings me neatly to today's story

In Northern Ireland (home of the Troubles lest you forgot) there is an auction starting today and oddly it has guns in it - including an AK-47 - but they are all decommissioned......so that's OK then. Also the auctioneer states that "Obviously you are not going to sell them to some kids in the street." Again, that's OK then. In fact they are really taking safety seriously and making sure you have a driving licence before you can buy one! Hooray - I was terrible at the emergency stop, but I recall I was excellent at stripping down an AK-47 - what that wasn't on your driving test? just me then!

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  1. Strangely, in a former life a long time ago I have fired an AK47, although it wasn't our issued weapon. The assault rifles we were issued with were very similar to the AK and I could strip mine down in 7 seconds or so with eyes closed.

    I reckon I'd be handy at stripping an AK.

    R! ;-)


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