some one mentioned Christmas today, so I started my yearly trawl for things Christmassy, and by that I mean themed for Christ. Now I have no poblem with Santa, Elves, Trees, Baubles, candles etc but I do like a bit of baby Jesus at Christmas time, call me boring and middle class (go on I dare you!) but I like Christmas to be a Christian affair as well as a family one. so long story short, I found CHristmas Wrapping paper with Christmas pics on!! Yay and here it is Unsurprisingly from an online store called Christianbits.co.uk Hoorah!They actually have 2 to choose from! (Another) There is some on ebay too but it's in America...

oooh! found some more HERE

a little addition to this post
I found the nicest Advent Calendar (and don't get me started - Barbie et al have no place in Advent as I understand it!!) here -> Divine Fairtrade Advent Calendar I so love this!


  1. WoW! Imnot even into Halloween yet!

  2. Oi where's your twitter page gone ???

  3. Ha ha Hyla - the wrap is so hard to get I have to start early..

    (and my twitter is back...........I could give it up.if I wanted to)


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