Dragon Tattoo

I got the tattoo - despite no one even reading this blog never mind sending comments or advice - I had a lovely Dragon tat on my left arm. I love it.

My 5 year old daughter came to watch and now of course she wants one too - (My Little Pony probably!! good job you have to be 18!)

There was plenty of blood, minimal swearing and a lot of laughter. It took 30 minutes, and cost £50

Here I am looking like the butcher half of a lesbian couple showing off the tattoo! Finally a Tattooed Mummy. Should change the blog name....

two women sitting outside a pub, one is pretty and blond, one is me, dark haired and wearing a camo jacket with no sleeves, the tattoo is visible


  1. I refer you to the About Me page .. http://tattooedmummy.blogspot.co.uk/p/all-about-me.html

  2. aha! I see :) - how can your hubby not be keen on them? my wife's covered from the chest down.

    Tattoos are really addictive too - I bet you itch to get another one?

  3. yep I'd love more - i plan a sneaky scorpion on my hip - in pale brown so it looks like a birth mark ;-)

  4. We're going to have a tattoo section on our site once it's all up and running properly, mostly just the skinhead tattoos though. I gotta get me booked in, I've got sleeves that are half finished, and all my tattoos were done in the bedroom or kitchen (which I don't advise)!

    Red or brown ink barely shows up after a few months, so can be really good to get little hidden things, I like the idea!


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