Big Brother

Well I'll be missing it tonight - my other half has decided to control the remote, and watch the other channel. But hey it's the same every night - car crash TV but we love it. Mmm so is she or isn't she ? well lets face it it's too soon to know one way or the other, but boy oh boy, can she play the game. Hopefully Science will be leaving soon, can't stand another rant about life in the ghetto or what he will or won't do......Maxwell however still is my most hated character, it's just that he's mildly less irritating than Science........Derek to win - although of course I change my mind daily.


  1. Anonymous6/7/05

    We have been alerted to some untruths in your recent posting, we know you watched Big Brother, you have to watch it. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

  2. Ok I confess - but you know you shouldn't believe everything you see on the web! In fact my sweet husband not only handed over the remote to allow me access to my BB addiction, but he bought me Thorntons chocolates to eat while I was watching! (is he feeling guilty about something?)


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