Things I have ticked off a non existant bucket list

I don't have a bucket list but I recently realised that I've done a lot of the things that I see on other peoples! Maybe I have a mental, secret, subliminal bucket list?

Here are things that could be ticked off of the bucket list that I don't have :

  • Been on a Nile Cruise
  • and hot on the tail of that - Been inside the great Pyramid, seen the sphinx, been to the Cairo museum, Valley of the Kings and Luxor (needs it's own post I think!) Visited Abu Simbel

  • Got married, still married 22 years on
  • Had a baby...and have managed to change that baby into a fairly excellent teenager
  • Bred fancy mice (by accident - also, learned how to sex mice)
  • Been to Paris (still need to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower though)
  • Visited Barcelona
  • Rode several looped roller coasters in several countries 

  • Held a tarantula
  • Owned my own dog(s)
  • Driven in a mustang convertible along the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to SF (this one in 2014 in April - proper excellent fun!)

  • Visited Venice Beach, gazed at the body builders at Muscle Beach Gym
  • Took a trip to Alcatraz (not one way!)
  • Been to DisneyLand
  • Been to New York City
  • Been to the top of the World Trade Centres :-(
  • Been to the top of the Empire State Building
  • Been to Glastonbury
  • Seen Tom Jones in Concert

  • Visited Canada
  • Rode in a canoe on a great lake
  • Caught a bullfrog with my bare hands
  • Ridden in a cable car
  • Ridden on a ski lift (chair lift) in the snow
  • Held a python
  • Flown in a small plane (4 seater)
  • Ridden a horse
  • Ridden a camel

  • Bought some taxidermy
  • Visited a Freak Show (twice!)
Meeting the 'Wolf Boy'

What would be ticked off of your (non existent) bucket list? What great things have you done?


  1. I don't have a written one either I prefer the 1001 in 101 days thing. I've been to the harry potter tour and climbed Snowdon they're my main things if I was to consider a bucket list. I don't wish to travel but touristy things in London are a big thing!

    1. Climbing a mountain...I once made it nearly to the top of the Brecon Beacons, then have up lol

  2. What a great way of doing this!

    Having three babies, owning a dog, writing a book (and having it published), winning a literary award, getting a literary grant, travelling overseas by myself, travelling overseas with my kid, going to the bird market in Hong Kong, going to the office of found property in Helsinki (a treasure trove), eloping, island hopping in Greece, buying a house, learning to drive (in my 30s), applying for a PhD (I start next month), finding my long lost brother and sister, interviewing my dad, singing in a choir, acting on a stage, playing in a chamber group.

    1. What fab things! Eloping sounds ace, and some fascinating places visited! Thanks for commenting

  3. A bit like counting your blessings!