How to Bake Rainbow Unicorn Cookies, with Deadpool

Having a gay teen daughter, loving Deadpool and having bought high intensity food colourings a while ago it seemed natural that this weekend I decided to combine everything into a baking extravaganza. So my loyal blog readers, may I present:

Baking Rainbow Unicorn Cookies with Deadpool.

The recipe is simple and the cookie dough requires no chilling. And I can guarantee the cookies won't spread, so no fat unicorns either! We bought a unicorn cutter from Amazon and as you will see the legs on it are pretty thin! For this reason we didn't make solely unicorn cookies, the stress of what to do with a unicorn with a broken leg was just too much (shoot it? eat it?) So there were hearts and Easter eggs too.

Cookie Recipe

420g self raising flour
200g sugar
220g butter, cut into chunks (we used margarine this time and I can testify that butter is better! use butter)
1 egg
A few drops of vanilla essence
Wilton Food colouring


  • Cream together the sugar and butter, add the egg and vanilla and mix. 
  • Gradually add the flour and stir in until combined. 
  • Divide the cookie dough into 6. Use the food colouring to dye each piece a separate colour. Add a few drops of the colour and knead the dough to mix it. 
  • Break tiny pieces of each coloured dough and lay them together on a piece of baking parchment or silicone sheet. 

  • Using another piece of baking parchment on top of the pieces, roll them into a mosaic of dough. I did this in small amounts.(Don't roll direct onto a work top or you'll need extra flour and then the colours won't stick together)

  • Cut out the cookie shapes.

  • Continue to do this, and reroll the left over dough until it's all used up (or looks like hideous mixed purple/brown playdough whichever comes first)
  • Bake the cookies at gas 4 ( 180C )  for 10-12 minutes.

  • Allow them to cool before decorating. 


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