What I did on my holidays

Extra points to anyone that spotted the Terry Pratchett reference in this blog post title. I haven't been to Ankh-Morpork but I have been off work for a week and having family fun, including spending time with Fizz the puppy who is finally old enough to go outside for walks.

Apparently puppies should only be excercised for 5 minutes for each month of their age so poor bouncy Fizz is limited to 20 minutes, however this hasn't stopped up taking her out an about, armed with a large bag in case she needs a rest.

We had a fun day out in Petworth for a food festival, where as usual Fizz behaved like a loon with every dog she met - she really needs to learn that leaping on someones head is not the sign of affection she thinks it should be.

border terrier puppy on shingle beach

Later we took a trip to Brighton where Fizz was universally admired (or course she was - she is gorgeous), and Mr TM and I took her for a half day out at the Weald and Downland Museum too which was fab. I plan a much fuller blog post on that over at TentSniffing for Beginners later. But here is a cute picture of her enjoying the day to keep you going.

border terrier puppy

DD has totally finished school - I have a student not a child for a daughter now - so I probably should feel like a grown up - oddly, I don't.

Luckily she doesn't seem too grown up either - so we are looking forward to our summer of festival fun. despite the fact this Minion costume in Asda is not available in her size...ah well.

minion fancy dress

Sorry to anyone that missed Wordy Wednesday last week, normal service should be resumed soon...

I do hope you are all making the most of this sunny weather!

caution i'm hot sign on cup

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