Air Storm Z-Tek Bow and Firetek Rockets Giveaway

Every now and again I see a toy that I think really will appeal to all the family. Having a teen I sometimes think I'm past buying toys (sad times, I love toys) but then I remember the universal appeal of Lego or of Scalextric, and the Nerf gun, and I smile.

And this week I was told about some excellent new Zing products, perfect for the Hunger Games enthusiast in your life, or the William Tell or Robin Hood! The Air Storm Z-Tek Bow, a fine bow, tweaked for the 21st Century, the sort of toy that dad will say "here let me show you" about and then procede to not return for 3 hours. And not only a bow, but rockets too! Firetek Rockets look fabulous - the zombies don't stand a chance, even in the dark, as these rockets light up! Flying through the sky like meteors.

And you can win an Air Storm Z-Tek Bow and a set of Firetek rockets in this easy to enter giveaway.

Get the kids ready for an all-new archery experience with whistling arrows and light up rockets.

I have one Air Storm Z-Tek bow and four Firetek rockets available to win.

Air Storm Z-Tek Bow

Get the next big thing in bow technology with the Z-Tek Bow.  Check out the sleek new design and shape.  Shorter bungees for faster firing.  Arrow clips right on the bow for quick reloads and a powerful presence.  It’s an all new archery experience with the Z-Tek Bow! Hook in the Zartz™ Arrow or Zonic™ Whistling Arrow, position the shot, and watch it fly through the air for an incredible 100 feet! Includes a Z-Tek Bow, two Zonic™ Whistling Arrows and one Suction-Cup Zartz™ Arrow.   
Please note the Air Storm Z-Tek bow comes in two colours – green and orange – winner can’t choose colours of prize

Price: £19.99rrp
Age: 8+   

Firetek Rocket

The Firetek Rocket is launching into orbit as the newest addition to Zing’s Firetek line with lights and sounds, ready for outdoor day or night fun!   Turn the light switch on the rocket to power up the action, Then, attach the Firetek light-up rocket to the launcher, pull the tab, and let it soar into the sky!  Hear the whistle-screaming arrows in action as the rocket flies up to 250 feet high with just a simple flick of the wrist. The Firetek rockets are set to fly to incredible heights with long-lasting performance.  Each set comes with two whistle-screaming light-up rockets and one launcher.

Price: £9.99rrp
Age: 5+   

UK Only - Giveaway ends 24/6/2016
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Both of the toys are available to buy now. From most good toy shops, Argos, Amazon etc.

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