Fancy Dress for Camp Bestival

Out of this world! The theme for Camp Bestival this year is Space. I'm sort of hoping that Tim Peake will surprise us all in the big top, but whether he does or not, the theme leads to some cool fancy dress ideas.

Every Year Camp Bestival has a theme and there is a fancy dress day, It is one of my favourite bits of the festival. To see all the costumes, some fabulously homemade, some bought, and some very basic, but everyone having the best fun, being someone else for a day.

In previous years I have dressed as Cinderella in rags (with DD as a mouse for the Fairy tales theme), as a horse (with DD as a rider, for the Olympics theme), as a ring master (with DD as a tiger, for the circus theme), as a Victorian explorer, complete with pith helmet and net (with DD as a butterfly, for the Wild theme). This year DD and I are thinking of Star Wars as our theme, with her opting for an R2D2 dress while I'm trying to decide between a Storm Trooper Morphsuit (remember when I fell in love with Morphsuits?) or Captain Phasma.

But Space has a lot of possibilities, from proper space exploration, NASA and ESA, there are so many movies, books and cartoons. Alien, The Martian, Predator, Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvin the Martian or The Jetsons and let us not forget Star Trek or Dr Who.

I love fancy dress so much at festivals that I don't confine it just to the Saturday 'Fancy Dress Day,. I plan each day with some sort of 'out of the ordinary' atire. I have a ballgown for pointlessly swanning about the fields, and so this year I'm trying to think of ways to space theme it (it is black - so maybe stars and planets on it? a galaxy?)

I have also bought a couple of space themed T shirts, I'm also looking at gold boots for no reason other than they look amazing. Do I also need a space suit? A space helmet? Maybe I do!

I always like to get some themed accessories too, things like handbags, shoes, umbrellas, jewellery.

If you are going to be at Camp Bestival will you be joining in with fancy dress? if you need some ideas, check out my pinterest board.

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