A Quick Follow up to the Deadpool Morphsuit Malarkey

Remember how I fell in love with Deadpool and then with Morphsuits? So much so that I decided that if Morphsuits supplied the suit I'd wear it to the movie?

Well, it all came to pass, almost. The only difference was that Dd declared the suit 'empowering' and loved wearing it, so much so that I barely got a look in after my initial try on.
morphsuit unzipped

So we set off, DD looking sleek and dare I say sexy , in the Morphsuit. This being Britain we got only the odd sideways glance and barely a comment; though in popping into Frankie and Benny's for a snack we did frighten the proprieter as Dd loomed out of the dark night.
out and about in a deadpool morphsuit

The movie theatre itself was oddly quiet, partly due to the late nature of the showing and partly as the movie had been out for 4 days, and we received less attention than I suspect she hoped for. Some giggiling and sneaky phone photos seemed about the limit.
out and about in a deadpool morphsuit cinema

out and about in a deadpool morphsuit cinema

Of course we adored the film. Both of us want to see it again and I've already ordered the DVD
out and about in a deadpool morphsuit movie

We both have bits of the soundtrack on our phones so that we can walk the streets, headphones in, silently singing "sexy mother f***er"...

I feel I am an excellent role model as a parent.

Have you been to the movies in a Morphsuit? I recommend it - we will be taking it to festivals over the summer too, and maybe adding a Stormtrooper to our Morphsuit 'stable'...

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