A Lady Reviews Beard Oil

Mr TM has been sent a gift! A small bottle of beard oil for his hairy face from the nice chaps at Envy The Beard.

They have a cunning plan, so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox, to supply the beards of the UK with regular supplies of beard oil for the tiny sum of £5 a month. A monthly subscription for your beard.

Mr TM is notoriously shy so you will have to take my word for it that he has a beard, lately this beard has reached fairly epic proportions, mainly as he feels the need to compete with my online bearded friend, CJ (see below)

CJ displaying his ... beard

So Mr TM did need some taming and some softening...well his beard did anyway. In the past Mr TM has received gifts of beard oil and has been less than impressed as he always manages to pour too much out of the bottle, so he was pleasantly surprised to find this bottle came complete with a dropper for precision oiling!
Beard oil

Beard oil

We both liked the manly lumberjack smell of the oil and how soft it left his beard. If you are the sort of disorganised person that forgets the essentials, signing up to a monthly plan could be just what you need. The monthly subscription would also make a nice gift.

Find out more about the oil and the subscription plans at the Envy the Beard instagram. Stay hairy.

Disclosure : Mr TM was sent one bottle of beard oil for the purposes of this review. The words are all mine, the beard is all his.

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