Deadpool my new favourite anti hero

If you follow me on social media (and if not why not!) you will know I'm a tiny bit excited about the upcoming film of Deadpool.
I confess that I am a new fan to this wise-cracking super hero, he only came to my attention during the trailers while I was at the new Star Wars movie in December, but I fell in love instantly and have been doing homework.
Homework mainly consists of reading all the comic books about Deadpool I can find (happily my local library stocks them!), finding and reading online articles and chatting about him to my mates.
deadpool comic hero
Of course true research requires properly becoming immersed in a character and it was with this in mind that I asked Morphsuits if I could review one of their suits. If you have never heard of these costumes, they are a simple yet genius concept, a skin tight lycra body suit, encasing you from top to toe! They were initially only available in plain colours but impressive new fabric printing techniques have changed the playing field!

I've seen Morphsuits at festivals of course, usually the plain colours, sometimes a spider man or two, but the Deadpool Morphsuit really did look a bit special. There are three versions at three prices, and I'm now the proud owner of the deluxe version. The basic one is fine of course, but it is , well, basic, at £26 it's pretty affordable, but for a little extra (£10 extra) you get a really snazzily printed muscles that really do give you the appearance of my newly favourite antihero, and the deluxe costume benefits from an extra little treat - an app that shows you with a sword in your hand and some special effects! Pretty cool.

But don't just take my word for it. When the suit arrived my teen daughter was so excited she put it on straight away! And this weekend I tried it on too. I think you'll agree we look...erm...super

morphsuit fancy dress deadpool
Me on the left and DD on the right in case you wondered!

morphsuit fancy dress deadpool
Me as Deadpool
Things to know - You need smooth underwear and a strong bladder - there are two zips at the back but it's not an easy task when you are in the suit to undo the zip (you have gloves on!) and you will need to get nearly naked to wee. I advise having a mate with you if you go out! The suits come in 4 sizes and they are based on height as well as weight, which is why DD and I can fit into the same suit! Check the sizing on the page.  You can see through the suit to look out, but it's far from clear! Cosplay websites suggest using a hot needle to make extra holes in the eye area (not when you are wearing the suit, you idiot) for improved vision. I was planning on wearing the suit to the film, but it turns out DD describes the suit as 'empowering' and so she has demanded to wear it - and she'll have to lower the head piece to be able to watch the film properly. (Talking of masks, Morphsuits sell the mask section separately if you fancy just wearing it with your normal clothing) The suit is tight (obviously) and squashes your nose a bit! When I first put it on it felt a bit claustrophobic but that wore off pretty quickly and I got used to it.
morphsuit fancy dress deadpool zapper phone app
Using the Zapper app with the suit

So, do I think the Morphsuit is good value? Yes. Would I buy one? Yes in fact I'm spoiled for choice, For festivals this year the plain colours do appeal, but so does the Stormtrooper version (if only there was a Captain Phasma Chrome suited version!) and DD is already looking at another super hero...of the ninja turtle variety!

What do you think? Do you have a Morphsuit or do you 'need' one? Pop over to Facebook or twitter and let me know - I'd love to see your pictures!

Disclosure - I was given the suit for the purposes of this review - but the views are all my own, and DD really will be wearing it to the cinema, more pictures to follow!

The Deadpool movie is released in the UK on 10th February 2016.

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