My Sunday

What's your Sunday like?

My Sunday is a lazy family day. We used to have dogs to walk but now they are gone it is a lazier day than ever, a sort of mini-Christmas day each week.

I tend to have a lie in, until about 8.30 when Mr TM  - a ridiculously early riser - will start to get bored and lonely and begin  to make 'accidental noise' and blunder about the bedroom 'looking for things' finally he will say 'oh did I wake you? shall we have breakfast?' I will get up, pretending not to be furious at being woken, and we will have breakfast, later we will wake the teen.

Then a few chores, this week I defrosted the freezer, before I open a bottle of cava to drink while I listen to the Archers on BBC Radio4 and join the Archers tweet-along on Twitter. As I listen and drink and tweet I prepare the roast, peeling potatoes, making stuffing, proper multi-tasking over a hot ipad stove.

Meanwhile the teen will be arguing that she doesn't need to tidy her room, and will be practising the saxophone instead, Mr TM will be listening a podcast or gardening or playing the piano. We all sit down to eat together soon after midday.

Lunch is cleared away for a snooze on the sofa, then after a skirmish over who should wash up (we don't have a dishwasher and today I lost) the washing up is done. During the afternoon we catch up with anything we fancy, blogging, reading, homework and more music practice. If the weather is nice we may go for a walk, or pop out to a cafe for coffee and cake. Sometimes we will wander the aisles of a supermarket or a garden centre.

We will eat something light for dinner, sandwiches or egg on toast; and later, in the evening, we will all settle down to watch TV together, maybe a movie, usually something prerecorded so we can skip the adverts, although lately we have dared to watch X factor, and even tweet along with that!

We might have cake or biscuits for supper in front of the TV, one of the only days we eat in the lounge, and then we will all be off to bed at about 10pm.

I love my lazy Sundays.

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