The Archers Drinking Game

Rob! (Poor Helen)
It's been a while since we had a drinking game. I'm currently in a tent, blogging via a mobile phone (so excuse and weird autocorrects that I miss!) and I will miss the Archers omnibus today. So I thought I'd make a drinking game instead.

I'll probably tweak it when I get back to the laptop, so do let me know your ideas in the comments section below. Thanks.

And now the rules. This game may be played with alcohol, a cup of tea, or mouthfuls of seed cake as required.

Take a drink, or mouthful of cake whenever the following occur :

  • Rob tells Helen what to do
  • A cow moos
  • Ruth says Daaaaaaaaviiiiid in a drawn out and whiney way
  • Jill makes some tea... Or a cake... Or cooks anyone anyone anything really
  • Anyone says anything that, taken out of context, is rude
  • One of the Grundys mentions ferrets
  • Kenton blames someone else for something that's his fault
  • Lillian (or Kenton) has an alcoholic drink
  • Kate flirts
  • Kate mentions chakras
  • Lynda Snell sniffs disapproving.

Don't choke on your cake. Let me know how it goes.

(Picture credit to the truely awesome Plarchers on twitter)

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