Jord Wooden Watch Review

Yes. Really a watch, made of wood. No, neither had I. So you want to hear more about it? Of course you do!

I was contacted by Jord and asked if I'd like to try one of their wooden watches and review it. At first I was worried that as a UK blogger the lovely watch wouldn't be available to me (Jord are based in Missouri in the US) but it turns out that Jord are happy to ship all over the place and the UK is a pretty big customer.

When I ordered the watch via the website I was given the opportunity to have the watch strap sized so that it would fit straight out of the box, at no extra charge. As a woman with very small wrists this was great and I jumped at the change, the measuring was easy and I filled in the details and waited.
The watch arrived very quickly, beautifully boxed and tagged and I found it very easy to set the time and date. And of course it fitted, straight from the box. The watch looks and feels gorgeous. A luxuriously deep coloured wood (I chose cherry from the wide range of shades and wood types on the website) with red coloured dial and clear bright hour and minute markers. The bracelet style strap and the watch (including the back of the watch) are all wood, though the clasp is metal. The clasp style is secure and very simple to operate with one hand.
But the main thing about the watch is that it is so beautiful and gets admiring comments everywhere I wear it. Comments often start with "is that watch made of wood?" and then after the surprise everyone wants to touch it, try it on, feel it. And it's so light and comfortable too!
I have worn it to business meetings where it looked very stylish among the shiny flashy 'ordinary' watches (my husband says it looks classier than a Rolex) and I've worn it out walking in the woods where it blends with my brown and green walking gear and looks at home in the woodland environment ("Look, I whisper to the trees, one day you could be a watch and travel the world")

I love this watch, I think it's the sort of watch that most people would add to a gift wish list as it's not a cheap watch. But it is an elegant watch. With styles to suit men and women I think a wooden watch would make an excellent present, an unusual and practical choice.

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Disclosure - I was sent the Ely Watch in Cherry for the purposes of the review. The opinions are my own.

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