I am proud that my daughter can cook

I like cooking and I like baking. I don't tend to watch TV shows about it but I like to be in the kitchen and rustle up something tasty. I don't get all worried about expiry dates (see a post where I ranted about them here) and except for cakes, I am pretty relaxed about measurements and quantities. I'm the sort of cook that bungs things into a pan, slops in some water, uses measurements like 'a knob of butter' and 'some flour'.

I have been pleased to have DD help me cook since she was old enough to stand on a chair and see the counter top. It's great to start early, teach about hand washing, why we can't lick our fingers (!) while cooking and why we should tie our hair back when using the gas cooker. Knife safety, fire safety, all great learning topics while you bake too. We used to make cupcakes (buns?) together often when she was a toddler and we still make them now - she just does most of the work now that she is 15. (while I'm on clearing up duty) She has grown into someone that likes to cook too - and she is also a big fan of TV baking, somewhat in love with Mary Berry and inappropriately fond of Paul Hollywoods kneading technique!

She can cook pancakes using 'some flour, an egg or two and some milk and a splash of oil'.

Pancake making
She can poach an egg (almost as perfectly as I can), fry eggs, scramble them, make omelettes...lets just say she is good with eggs.
fried egg in an english muffin with brown sauce
Fried Egg muffin

She can make pastry (much better than mine - she has cold hands) , cook pies, biscuits. She can make pasta bakes and whole meals from scratch. She knows how to mash potatoes and how to prepare vegetables.
cake sliced crumbs green frosting icing

homemake pizza with peach and parma ham
Peach, parma ham, and mozzarella pizzas with rocket
And all this makes me proud, particularly when her friends come round and she cooks. I hear them saying to her that they are not allowed to cook or that they don't know how to. Dd has told me that several friends don't do any cooking at all at home - reminding me of my own friend who left school without the first clue how to cook - once ringing me to get advice on fish fingers and finally marrying a man who could cook, which was just as well!

Do your children cook? What age did you (or do you plan to) start cooking with your children?

Because you need to start them young, nothing nicer than finally realising you have a child that can cook you breakfast and bake you a birthday cake.

Here's some we made earlier (last weekend). Happy Easter!

easter biscuits bunnies eggs chicks
Easter Biscuits

easter egg cakes frosting
Easter cakes


  1. BatGirl2/4/15

    I've always tried to get my boys to cook with me but they're not that enthusiastic unfortunately. However they can make porridge and bolognaise, and use measurements like 'pinch of' and 'sprinkling'.

  2. Sneezy2/4/15

    My mother hated me doing proper cooking when I was in my teens. She clearly felt this was her territory. But I was allowed to make cakes, in enormous quantitites.

  3. Good on her and you for teaching/letting her cook!
    My two can cook....Just simple things like beans on toast, scrambled eggs, homemade pizza. I'd rather they know how to cook the basics than not have a clue when they are older....

  4. Lucas James3/4/15

    I agree completely - if they learn at home, naturally, by watching you and joining in and gradually doing more and more, that confidence grows. Mine do all sorts, and I love to watch them conferring on tricky issues like 'do you think we should add another tin of chopped tomatoes?' (to this veggie bolognaise for example). Loving those biscuits by the way!

  5. Jason Cox4/4/15

    It is amazing how kids nowadays can cook better than adults. I have been watching master chef jr and see how smart kids can be in the kitchen.

  6. My kids all like to cook with me as well. I can't wait for them to be 15 and I can have a full meal cooked for now I make do with beans on toast and a cuppa! Mich x


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