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I work full time. I squeeze in blogging in lunch breaks and after work. I have a teen so I'm a mummy taxi sometimes too, especially at weekends. And while this menas that (retired) Mr TM gets the joy of most of the big foodshops (lucky him!) it means that shopping for me is a bit of a chore. Finding time to get stuff on the way home from work, limited to where ever is open, no time to browse...

So it was nice to be asked by Chemist Direct to check out their online Chemist Shop. They offered me a voucher code for  a discount in exchange for this review, so here it is.

The first thing I checked was whether the website was registered with the Pharmaceutical society. It's a way to ensure that you are buying medicines safely and legally. I'm pleased to say that Chemist Direct is registered and proudly display the logo and registration number on their homepage.

The site was easy to search and had lots of clear pictures of the products on offer, they have sale sections with all sorts of offers. And then the site is split into catergories such as Pet, Beauty, Mother and Baby, Vitamins, Healthcare etc and they even have an online Doctor. An online Chemist is not only convinient it means that you don't have to sit and chat face to face about an embarrassing problem!

I spent a good hour browsing the cosmetics and the perfumes, looking at the great value branded products and the electricls too (yes there is a sexual health section, they they sell sex toys, no I didn't buy any)

I chose some nail polish for DD (remember how keen she is on nails?) and some lovely aftershave balm from Crabtree and Evelyn for Mr TM and then some lip gloss and powder for myself...lipstick, powder and paint, is she is or is she ain't? well yes I am!

Delivery is free on orders over £30 and they often have fabulous clearance bargains with up to 70% off recommended prices so your money goes further, great for gift buying or as a treat.

I like the fact that you can shop 24 hours a day, the site is easy to use, and they accept payment via Paypal as well as the usual card payments.

The products are great value, there are some real bargains and bulk buys available too to save even more.

They arrived promptly and well packaged. Today I'm rocking some L'Oreal 6 hour glossy lip gloss (in Golden Tattoo colour naturally!) and DD is looking forward to some Bubblegum Pink 'Model's Own'  nails.

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