Sugru - a rubbery review

Just before Father's Day  I was sent a pack of Sugru to review. I had never heard of this miraculous substance, and it was being sold to me as a perfect gift for Father's Day - after trying it out I would say it's the perfect gift for anyone!

It's a malleable plasticine like substance, that is sticky enough to adhere to pretty much anything and then...wait for it ...sets like rubber over night! I know! how cool is that!

There are too many uses, fixing fragile phone charging cables, tidying trailing computer cables, making little key hooks, adding grip to things, fixing metal pan lids so they no longer burn your hands...and I used some to turn an annoying slidey hanger into a useful clothes hanger!

It's great! It's heat proof, dishwasher proof, cold proof....I fear that like when I first got a laminator and laminated everything, now I shall be 'improving' everything with Sugru! It comes in various colours and you can even mix them to get shades to match what you are reparing. I'm already sadly addicted.

Sugru is available at B&Q and Wilko from £6.99 - no doubt you can get it elsewhere too.

Disclaimer - I was sent a pack of Sugru to try but the ridiculous enthusiasm for this product is all my own.

 Sugru is available at a wide range of retailers including B&Q, Wilko and Maplin, outdoor stores including Blacks and Ellis Brigham as well as online at sugru.com. Sold in packs of 3 uses from £6.99 and packs of 8 uses from £12.99, sugru is available in a variety of colours - red, yellow, blue, black and white, all of which can be blended to make any colour you like!

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  1. I saw some in B & Q today and thought of you and bought it! Here's to playing!


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