I think I'm pretty lucky. DD is a rather nice teen. Yes there days I could happily sell her for medical experiments but on the whole she's ok. We have fun together, such as the Californian holiday (did I mention that at all?) and we do festivals together.

This weekend we tested the festival tent out in the garden. She has music lessons on a Saturday morning so I did most of that myself, fixed a few bits, replaced a few rubber bands etc. Then when she came home she insisted we sleep in the tent over night. A true mini me!

So we did. We discovered that the garden is not as dark as a field, and that birds sing a lot and very loudly. We learned that foxes make a fair bit of noise too. And that mating pigeons cause showers of sticks. It was fun though, and we slept well.

On Sunday she decided that we should 'test' the Kelly Kettle too, the little pyromaniac, so she spent a fun half hour burning twigs and boiling water for my tea.

Later we packed up our tent all ready for our festivals. I'm working next weekend, but we have another tent to test soon! I wonder if we will 'need' to sleep in it as well?

This morning on the way to school DD announced she had Snapchat on her phone. I panicked but tried to sound calm

"Oh who do you chat with?"
"some of my girl friends at school"
"oh well be careful, it's not as safe as they make out"
"I know, I'm not daft"
then I said
"Don't go sending rude pics, not pics of your boobs or anything"
She rolled her eyes
"of course not, I'm not you mum!"

So there's me told.


  1. The tent is so pretty!

  2. Sounds like a very sensible girl! Enjoy the festival season :)

  3. Sounds like a very sensible girl! Enjoy the festival season :)

  4. lol got to love kids, they know it all don't they ;) xx


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