Angry at the government. A pointless rant

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I'm angry. No surprise.

I'm angry that David Cameron thinks it's ok to lecture us on volunteering, telling us to volunteer our time, to give to the community for nothing. Because giving is good, helping people is nice, friendly. Being altruistic is something that people do, a pleasant human trait. Then in the same breath threatens those that dare to be unemployed that they should volunteer or starve. Here's the thing, it's not voluntary if you have  to do it. Cameron was once all over the Big Society, though he's been quieter of late, maybe now his carrot of 'look you'll be nice' hasn't worked he's trying the stick of 'do it or else'.

And now David Cameron is trying to avoid helping any people that dare come to our shores as immigrants. Despite the fact that they may need help, that helping is good ...etc (see above)
And also that we send aid abroad each year to help those less fortunate, apparently they cannot get help if they come here, only if they are dying somewhere far away, or poor somewhere far away. The most amazing example of NIMBYism ever. And don't even get me started on the fact that the NHS relies on immigrants

When I teach DD how to behave, how to "be nice" how to do "good things" I like to teach by example. I give to charity, I am polite, I'm friendly, I volunteer, I compliment people (yes I also rant and rage but in general I try to show her a "good" way to behave.) But Mr Cameron seems to be all about "do as I say not as I do". Recent comments in the news suggested he risked making Britain 'the nasty counrty' of Europe. I think he's too late, I think we already are.

I'm fed up, fed up of having an unpleasant government that is becoming nastier by the minute, and worse, according to many, is not even right about the assumptions it makes as to the cost to the country of these terrifying immigrants.

Like many people I'm not sure we have anyone in politics currently that will change things, but at least when we get a chance to vote again there is a chance, however slim, that we can get someone else in to power that may at least try.

Sorry, pointless rant, but it feels better out than in. I'm also not sure it makes sense.

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