Where do you buy clothes?

I'm a frugal woman. (like the Peter Sellers' wife in the Pink Panther! though without the mink coat - a ref for film buffs there)

I shop in charity shops, on ebay, where ever I think I can get a  bargain really. And unless you are rolling in money you probably do too. I sometimes pop into M&S or Next but not often, Primark is more my style.

One of my loves is the website EVERYTHING FIVE POUNDS and the clue is in the name there! They do charge postage so it's not strictly £5, and unless you buy a few items that does bump up the cost but they have some great stuff. Just this last week I bought 3 new tunic tops to wear with leggings (for work) and they are the same as a top I previously bought in Top Shop for £19.99 and one I bought at Glastonbury (name drop) for £20. They arrived quickly and are great.

The main issue with the site is that stuff goes fast! If you want to be sure of getting something don't think about it for a few days. Popular sizes go first (obviously) so if you are tiny you may be luckier. They also cater for larger ladies (up to size 32 in some instances) and have all sorts of items from T shirts, jumpers, dresses and skirts to bags and shoes.

Yes shoes, for £5. You could give Imelda Marcos a run for her money there.

To be sure of getting the item you need though speed is the key so I suggest you follow them on facebook and sign up for emails and check the website frequently.

Have you used them? I know at least 2 of my twitter followers were tempted this week! What have you bought? And if you've just taken a look for the first time, what things did you fancy?

This post is not sponsored. It's just me, telling you about the good stuff.

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