Celebrity Cutout Giveaway and Review

Last year for her birthday DD craved a lifesize Jessie J cardboard cutout. I searched ebay and while they had a million Justin Biebers and several thousand One Direction members (ooh er!!) and even a few hundred Cheryl Coles, getting a Jessie J proved elusive.

Luckily just in the knickers of time I found that Celebrity cutouts had one! and so on her birthday DD was surprised (there was even a terrified shriek) to awaken to a full size (5'9") Jessie J at the end of her bed.

Recently Celebrity Cutouts asked if I'd like to do a review and a giveaway! So I leapt at the chance. We chose to take another  'The Voice' judge, Danny (from The Script). So Flat Danny (as he quickly became known) accompanied us to the Wilderness Festival.

The Cutouts are sent folded into 3 so they are easy to send and they fold out in seconds to the actual full size of the celebrity of your choice. The photos are sharp and crisp and from some angles can give you quite a turn they look so real! They are priced at £32.97 but if you can't bear the thought of a life sized Boris Johnson (or similar) in your house they do a mini cut out at £12.97 (at that price you could fling darts at the person of your choice! you know you want to)
Celebrity Cutouts are available for film stars, pop stars, politicians, comedians, sports personalities, Royalty, in fact if you really love yourself you can get ANY person (even yourself) as a life sized cardboard cut out!! (extra charge but probably worth it). Also available are masks, canvases etc

Danny caused quite a stir and many people came over to ask either who he was, or why we had him at the festival! I really think next festival we might take one of the people that will be performing, it would be fun to see if we could get a Celebrity Cutout signed by the celebrity.

Here is Danny at Wilderness with DD - about to go on stage?

And of course here I am with Danny (yes he did sleep beside me in the tent)

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