It's going to get all TMI for many of you from this point in....you have been warned

Women, we deal some some vile stuff don't we, baby sick, poop, dog vomit, teen vomit, bogies, nappy changes, and even if you are not a mum then, as a woman (depending on your health, age and if you are cis) you also deal with blood. 
Once a month or so when Aunti Flo from Redcar comes a-calling, you are confronted with the mopping up, the cramps, the expense. Because it is expensive! Just 28 tampons (of a well known brand) are £3.19. and then maybe you need sanitary towels as well, or instead, and panty liners, and then there is the disposal! Scented bags? and they just clog up landfill - wow this is sounding grosser by the moment!

Which is why I took the (some may say hippy) step of buying a Mooncup. It's basically a silicone (feels like firm-ish rubber) cup shaped thing, about the size of an egg cup, that folds/squishes to the size of a tampon for insertion and then pops open to hold back the tide catch the flow of blood. It is emptied into the loo as needed, sometimes every few hours, sometimes every eight hours. No danger of toxic shock, nothing to fill the landfill and once you have a Mooncup, nothing more to buy! You do need reasonable pelvic floor muscles - all the more reason to clench them regularly ladies!!

And the best thing? You never 'run out' like you might with other sanitary protection, and you don't have to carry extra supplies, perfect for camping and festivals. (you KNEW I'd get a mention for camping in to the post :-))

They are not cheap of course (£19.99), but I calculate that yearly I was spending over £40 on sanitary protection. I have bought one Mooncup and now spend £0 a year. So even if all the environmental stuff isn't swaying you, maybe the savings will!

I know some women are squeamish about the idea, but it's only blood, your blood, surely no worse than many things we deal with on a daily basis! And if you empty it in the shower you can reenact the famous psycho scene as the blood swirls down the plughole....(I've never done that  ....probably)  I do, however, draw the line at saving it to use a plant food. My hippy nature does have limits.
Do you use a Mooncup? Would you consider it? Are there other reasons you are not going to try it? Love your comments!

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  1. I use a MeLuna which is the same thing but a different company and I love it love it love it. I use my menstrual blood as a plant fertiliser. I'm not at all squeamish and I think we need to get over this idea that periods are disgusting. Painful, yes, for some of us, and also, PMT is difficult to deal with but for me it's a wonderful relief to know that my contraceptive methods work and also I find that sexytime can be enhanced by my favourite auntie joining in.

    1. I don't think blood is disgusting (I'm a vampire after all) but I know for many women it's an issue. I rather like seeing it all fresh and dark red and not brown and stinky like it gets on sanitary protection :-)

  2. I'm also a (relatively recent) mooncup convert, took a bit if getting used to knowing when to empty etc, but yes, I love it!

  3. Anonymous15/4/13

    I'm getting swayed towards the idea! Still a bit screamish and scared of making mess getting it out! Do they leak at all?

    1. screamish or squeamish :-) maybe both! LOL. I live dangerously as we have a beige carpet (yes yes I know!) in the ensuite, no accidents yet! There can be some leaks when you start until you suss out the right positioning, but just wearing a panty-liner is enough protection - you could always use a sanitary towel the first time you use it if you are really nervous!

  4. Anonymous15/4/13

    Ok think you have won me over. Will give it a try. Sorry about the bad spelling shouldn't rely on autocorrect so much!

  5. I've had my Meluna (soft) since Aug 2011 and I still LOVE it.
    I couldn't get on with the Mooncup as I found the stem to be "pokey" but couldn't cut it off as I could only just grip it and it was a right struggle to remove. I have a ring stem on my Meluna.
    I wrote about way back when http://www.kia-glitz.com/2011/09/meluna-pearl/
    I really ought to do an updated post some times.

  6. I keep wondering whether I should get one, I'm not even sure what's stopping me to be honest. Maybe I'm just more of a wuss than I think! lol! It looks messy too...

  7. Yes I'm a moon cup convertee.I wish I had known about them years ago.I have bought anything else for going on two years.

  8. I adore my mooncup!!! More women need to get on board with them. However, my friends all declare that they think the mooncup sounds gross. :-(


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