I thought it was a simple concept. So did Jesus. Every one is worth the same. We are equal, we should treat everyone as we would treat ourselves. Equality. It’s a nice thing. 

So why is ‘gay marriage’ even an issue? I know it’s only a few years since ‘the homosexual act’ (I have NO idea what that is!? I hope some stuffy secretary to an MP somewhere has to write out a definition with diagrams) was illegal but I thought that once that was out of the way we were on the home straight (no pun intended) 

 I’m not gay. But I am married, I’m married for old fashioned reasons like sharing a name with my husband, having a child with our name and sharing her guardianship, being prepared to sign up to something legal as a declaration of our love and commitment in front of friends, family, the world. Being a team. We did not get married in a church, despite my dad being a Reverend.

So Equal Marriage (cos there’s no straight marriage, or black marriage, old people marriage, etc) should just be a thing. I didn’t want to blog about it – the subject is WAY too vast – I could probably write a book and tour the world giving seminars but I wanted to at least address a few of the more annoying and potentially ridiculous arguments against it I’d heard this week. If you are against gay people getting married (and I’m using gay to encompass anyone who is not heterosexual cos I’m too lazy to type a list) then just admit it’s because you think it’s nasty – because I really can’t see any other reason. 

 It says it in the Bible – hmm OK then, so first off I’m assuming marriage is only for Christians  since we are going with the Bible? No atheists can marry? No one of any other religion can marry in the UK? No, pretty sure you are wrong, fairly sure that any religion or none can legally marry in the UK. 

But IT SAYS IT IN THE BIBLE – all right all ready! But it says lots of other things too, even if we discount the entire old testament with it’s bizarre rules against eating prawns, against having tattoos, against touching menstruation women, but pro sacrificing goats for sins committed (most of which I bet you are not adhering to) even if we stick to the new testament, Jesus was fairly non committal on gay-ness, he hung around with men he loved, told people to ‘love God’ and ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’ and that was pretty much it (although he did get a tad angry with the money changers but who can blame him, and he was in favour of Starbucks paying their taxes*) So shush. 

Marriage is the perfect situation to bring up children, gay people can’t have children – leaving aside the obvious answer that they can adopt, or in the case of women, give birth to their own child via donor sperm, by this argument couples that cannot have children (or choose not to) shouldn’t be allowed to marry, nor should older people past the age of having children, which is patently ridiculous, there is no fertility test prior to marriage nor a law that states you must have children to remain married. Shush again. 

You can’t change what marriage is – this annoyed me when I heard it on Radio 4 this morning as the man that said it had just told the interviewer that marriage ‘was originally about the woman as property and a man could have more than one wife but current marriage was the better option” SO IT’S ALREADY CHANGED!! Things change. We learn, we grow…at least some of us do. It’s how we are made (if you believe in God – it’s how God made us!)

 I’m going to stop ranting unless I hear more stupid reasons today. 

Feel free to add a rant (for or against) below. Be polite. Prepare to debate. 

Can you tell I think marriage is a good thing? 

And if you are not married, whether gay or straight and do or don’t have kids, that’s fine too as long as that’s what you want. It’s why we have choices. I just think the choices should be open to all. 

*Matthew ch22 v15-22 

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