We live in probing times

I know. I'm obsessed. But the news media (at least on line, I don't buy any papers but I bet they are similar) have a new word and damn are they going to use it. I feel I need to buy them a thesaurus.

Lately there have been many horrible stories from the past (and present) uncovered by journalists and others and in many cases the government or another body has started to investigate the incident, to carry out an inquiry, to question, to research, to quiz, to study, to scrutinize....to PROBE

Yes gentle reader probing, once the plaything of aliens, has become the new buzzword in news-speak.

Especially appalling examples link the probing to child abuse, but probing is taking place all over the web, at all times of the day and night. You are never safe from THE PROBE!

India Launches Probe against Wal-Mart

CIA launches probe into Petraeus scandal 

and on, and on, and on.....thousands of hits on Google news just as a start.
So here Journalists, this is for you, a handy link 

You stop saying 'probe' from today, and we can all move on as though this unpleasant thing never happened.

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