Easter, Ēostre, Chocolate and death and life

So as soon as February and the lusts of Valentine's day is over (and in many cases before) Easter will be heralded in, in the traditional way with an aisle of overpriced chocolate, shaped like eggs, rabbits and chicks, in every supermarket and corner store in the land.

I shall not dwell on how I hate that. Or on how DD is not allowed too much chocolate (and doesn't like it much either) and how we have lots left over from Christmas (despite binning lots already). I shall not dwell on the loss of the religious aspect, or the hijacking by Christianity of a far older festival.

I shall instead focus on...

Craft! Yes indeed ladies, gentlemen and assorted others, I plan a craft swap to rival the joy of the Christmas Craft swap! This time the theme is Easter Gifts that DO NOT CONTAIN chocolate. So if you feel you can make a fluffy pompom chick, a papier mache egg, a cross decoration, a fur hare etc etc then this is for you! As before you will sign up - email me your email and address, I will pair you up and you can send anonymously or not as the mood takes you.

So you are under starters orders! Get on the case. If you are stuck for ideas I suggest this fabulous blog by Red Ted Art, and check Wikipedia etc for theme ideas. (and you can always get your children to help!)

Let me know if you prefer to post in your home country only and I'll do my best!

Sign up deadline - March 1st
Posting Deadline - April 1st
(Easter Monday is 9th April this year)


  1. Oh my.. was about to type "I am in"... when I saw your oh so rather lovely reference to Red Ted Art - THANK YOU!!! You ROCK!!!

    Have a craft to swap all sorted :-)


  2. I would love to join in with this. Great idea!

  3. Swap item made and ready to send... eager! When do we get addresses? @beckycheeks

    1. Calm down dear! the closing date to sign up is 1st march - will email details then! tell your mates - there is still time to play!

  4. would love to take part too!


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