I haven't blogged for 2 weeks and today is not a great day to do it

but I will anyway. I got a new car this week, it's a Fiat Panda and I love it already! Great fun to drive, loads of space, 4 doors and not pricey at all!

But apart from that (which is pretty amazing and has cheered me up a lot) I'm not the happiest of bunnies, time of the month? lack of sunshine/daylight (dark when i go to work, dark when I return!) who knows but i am gloomy which is not like me at all.

Twitter, normally the love of my life has just managed to do nothing but annoy me today with it's constant whinging, no one there ever seems happy about anything (myself included!) everyone is whining about the state of the world/government/banks/pop stars/journalists etc etc (add any I've missed) happy to blame everyone, not keen to suggest solutions.....so my solution has been to have a twitter break. Lets hope I feel better in a few days. Meanwhile I shall read escapist fantasy on my Kindle and drive about happily in my (economical) Fiat Panda - who is called Tony by the way.....

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  1. big (((HUGS))) it is that time of year, for sure. Enjoy Tony :D


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