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Once upon a time blogging was a simple thing. Blogs were like online diaries, notes to self, there wasn't much call for fancy fonts, little use for photos and design choice was limited to black on white or white on blue. Blogs have evolved, they flash, dance and even sing on occasion, but do they say any more? do you still blog for the same reasons that you started blogging? What is your blog *for*? Why do you blog? i think i still blog mainly for me, but i'm aware that 'you' are out there too, maybe even reading.


  1. Anonymous20/1/11

    I think you're right in that it's changed slightly. I think a blog with all its formatting options and ability to manage content, add pictures, YouTube links mean that having a 'website' is within the reach of most people.

  2. I started to blog because I wanted to record our lives and our HE adventure. Because I wanted an outlet, and way to make contact with others, and get some advice and feedback and support.

    This is still why I blog, but now I've made friends online, I have the added demension of blogging to stay in touch with them too, which is lovely!

  3. Anonymous20/1/11

    I blog to get things out. I blog anonymously and haven't given my blog name to my family or friends (not even The Husband) because I can say whatever the hell I want without fear of hurting anyone's feelings. I prefer blogging over a personal journal because the feedback often helps me on my journey.

    Great post. Keep on keepin' on.

  4. I agree with Dark Mother and only 3 of my friends now. But I blog to get things out of my head to stop it rattling. I do know I have readers and I do enjoy comments and feedback

  5. I blog to create something beautiful, like making a crochet shawl or a window cling.

    At first it was just for me but with an eye to being in public, now I have online friends who respond and I write more with them in mind.

  6. Anonymous1/2/11

    I started blogging several years ago because I realized I was on a journey, with life gradually but irreversibly changing. It's nice to look back, read the comments, and see how my perceptions have changed. I think I shall resist the urge to 'go modern' and just keep it simple.

  7. @angiebop

    thanks for the comment Angie, your blog is amazing and very brave (IMO) I agree that simplicity is nice :-)

  8. @Dark Mother

    I try to be anonymous but I'm aware a few people know who I am! tricky isn't it!

    and thanks for the praise!

  9. I started blogging as a way of sharing our adventures as my daughter and I travelled round the world, so friends and family could keep up to date with what we were doing and also to encourage other families, especially single parent families, and show that it could be done

    Now I blog as somewhere to voice my opinions, and God knows I have a lot of them, it's also a place where I can share and connect with other bloggers and I am having a great time!

    I write for me, whenever I try to write for others the words don't come easily and it is false and forced so I delete it and just write for me, if other people enjoy reading what I write, and so far the feedback is great, then it's a really cool ego boosting bonus!


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