Nitty Nora returns! (in the guise of......me!)

A year ago I wrote about Nits and my nostalgia of Nitty Nora the school nit nurse (read the posts here)

Now I have a new post on the same itchy subject, (timely too as David Tennant was dealing with the same crisis last night on the BBC in Episode 4 of Single Father) so are you scratching yet?

Imagine little creatures with sharp clingy feet crawling on your head and neck to lay a sticky egg at the base of each hair, imagine the little babies hatching and nibbling on your scalp.....now are you scratching?

I was contacted by Vosene about some new products they are promoting. They have a repellent shampoo and detangle spray, also a hair gel (not repellent to humans! to lice! obviously) they also have a new website for parents and carers to share information on where the wee beasties are lurking! Nitwatch!

All sounds like a plan! forewarned is forearmed and all that.....

So then I was asked to try the product.....

We received a sample of the shampoo and the detangle spray (great as DD has very long fine hair) and we used them both for the first time last week. 

Now obviously it's a 'repellant' so I can't tell you if it works or not unless I know she's exposed to nits, and as far as I know at her age (10)  it's getting less likely (why do they like little kids? can it really be the cuddle factor? the fact they play close? I don't believe that as DD is just as 'head-to-head' with her friends now, maybe even more so than she was when she was small) but I can tell you it smells quite 'medicinal' is easy to use and leaves her long hair very shiny. The ingredients include many of the usual things you associate with repelling head lice, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil and lemon grass for example, it also has soothing camomile. The detangling spray is great between washes, having the same smell and (presumably) repellent affect with the added bonus of helping get rid of tangles.

So what's with nits? Do your kids still get lice? have you had them? Do they still sweep through a school? Do you suspect some parents just 'give up' as it's too hard to get rid of the little beasts (the lice not the kids!)? Do you give up?

Maybe this shampoo and spray could help the busy and the lazy as well as the obsessive parent! We shall see, and if you'd like to try the shampoo, just leave a comment with your worst/most gruesome/funniest lice/nit story and I'll see you get to try it*, because I've been promised samples will be sent out to the best 20 tales of woe left here  :-)

*UK only, comments to be left by 15th November 2010

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