The one where I get Nakd and there are pictures........

Ok so having grasped you and your dirty minds……

This is the blog I should have written a week ago but I’ve been ill. -- excuses! Pathetic!

The lovely people at Natural balance Foods know how much I like their Nakd fruit/nut bars because I’ve raved about them online before, so they were keen for me to try the new flavours just out. They sent me the three new flavours to try and I did. (see "I get nakd" ;-- see what I did there?)

I’ve always been more of a fan of the fruity flavours than the chocolate, so I was surprised to see that 2 of the new flavours were chocolate based, I must be in the minority I guess.

If you have never had one of these bars before there things you need to know, they don’t look great, they are (mostly) raw.

So issue one :appearance, to be fair they look like compressed squirrel shit (they actually probably share a lot of the contents too!) but this is not reason to not eat them! Oh no! brave the look and bite into the tempting goodness, due to the fact they are raw all the goodness is still there!

issue two: rawness Just squished into a chunk of tastiness are all the vitamins and minerals and fibre and YUM!

Issue three : taste - they are bloody yummy!

So I tried the new Berry flavour first Berry Delight, and it was delightful! As I said I like the berry flavours and feel I’m getting a huge chunk of my 5 a day at the same time as getting a delicious treat, so that was all good.

Then I tried the Cocoa Delight, and while I wasn’t delighted (I told you I prefer the berry!) it was still yummy, very chocolate-y but not ‘sweet’ like a sickly milk chocolate bar. I do love the texture of the bars too.

And last I tried the Cocoa Mint……….and it blew my mind!!!! It is the tastiest most scrumptiously deliciously minty chocolaty bar of goodness I have ever tasted. Even my normally fussy DD agreed to try a nibble when she smelled the minty loveliness of the bar, and she liked it! Yes people of the world, I have discovered healthy snacks that taste so good they could be junk!!

Run to the shops now before I buy all the mint bars!

(That said, I discovered Gingerbread flavour too and my oh my is that one a taste of heaven too! Can’t get enough of this tasty goodness)

Did I mention they are suitable for vegans, they are all natural, no added sugar, and gluten, wheat, dairy & GM free? cos they are!


  1. Boooo. I am nekkid in my blog every week.

  2. No added sugar? I might give them a go.

  3. Anonymous1/10/10

    How terribly disappointing... ;P

  4. Anonymous1/10/10

    Oooh, I love Nakd bars but haven't tried minty chocolate.....*drools a bit* Yum!

  5. Ooooh. Sold. I shall strongly hint to my boss that we NEED to order these in. And I may even let other people buy them too.

  6. You've made me very hungry. Now I want an entire box of these and to swim in them or something.


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