The one where I post some old poetry from the 80s

OK so my cop out, I wrote this when I was 18 or so, the world was a black and white place and I KNEW what was right and what was wrong.. Obviously now I'm a grown up (haha!) I'm no longer so sure, but despite that, and while many of my teen poems (more later if you are good!) have aged very badly, I still rather like this one. (I've copied it as I originally typed it on my typewriter! LOL all the punctuation is original!)

Tiger Tiger, shining bright,
Tell me what you see tonight,
Do you see the blood red moon?
Hear the guns they'll bring here soon?

Tiger do you smell the sweat?
Hear the rustling of the net?
See the glinting of their eyes?
Crouch so low and purr them lies.

Tiger how you loved to run,
Sniffed the moon and heard the sun.
Now you lay in aching fear,
Sense the hunters coming near.

Tiger never fear a man,
They weren't here ere you began,
You roamed the earth and paced the sun,
Don't fear man - just fear the gun.

Tiger hear a shot rings out,
There a beater, here a shout.
Crouch a little longer yet,
Stiff and cold your bones are set.

Tiger swipe with glowing paws,
Tear the men-shapes with your claws,
Kill a million; drink their blood;
Feel the bullet; taste the mud.

Tiger proudly on a wall,
Your head displayed for one and all.
The snarl that killed one hundred soldiers
Looked much better on your shoulders.

Watching the BBC show, Lost land of the Tigers, last night made me remember this poem. and @verymuchreality made me brave enough to blog it


    'tear the men-shapes with your claws'
    is a particular jewel :D

  2. I think it's really good! Well done 18 year old you!


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