My Infinite playlist

What record/song could you listen to over and over again forever seems to be the theme for this meme. But I don't have to pick only one, I can pick 5, so that's OK.

I was tagged by Very Bored in Catalunya  Thank you - sorry it's taken a while to get it done!

Without Further ado here are my 5 (you'll have to run off and search to hear them as I'm too lazy to link)

1. If you go away. By Marc Almond. - actually I could listen to this one alone forever....
2. Lose Yourself by Eminem - love Eminem's clever and witty lyrics. Often thought provoking, far too clever to be wasted on the young :-)
3.I Want you Now by The Feeling - have seen them on concert twice now, love this band and really like this song.
4. This ain't a love Song by Scouting for Girls - it's new but I'm loving it, it's floating round my head all the time, I sing along to it a lot.
5. was tempted by Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine for my last one but decided to go with Roxy Music's version of Jealous Guy, when I was 18 I made a tape of this song, just this song over and over on a 90 minute TDK Tape, so I know I can listen to it a lot. Still love it.

In case you missed it I'm quite into lyrics, probably more than tunes although they need to be good too.

What do you like? If you've read this far AND you leave a comment then consider your self tagged, tell me about your Infinite Playlist


  1. Hmmm...
    This might take some serious thinkage..

  2. Ooo can I consider myself tagged??


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