Me! Me! Me!

So, since I started twittering and pimping out my blog I find I have blooming loads of followers of the blog! this is lovely, as I'm no longer writing into a void, but also it adds pressure. (despite my disclaimer that; hey; it is free!) and now, worse than that the 'memes' are piling up!

I always picture them like small, smug, spotty, bespectacled schoolboys, sitting at the front of the class and at every question rising from their seat (with out actually standing) and waving a desperate hand, shouting "sir! sir! please sir! Me! Me!" ......although sadly it's pronounced to rhyme with cream, but despite that I see them, lurking and crying "me me, do me!" and I haven't...so I'm sorry.

This is therefore a brief apologetic post saying I love that I made it into the realm of the popular people by getting tagged in memes and that I'm sorry I'm so crap at blogging, and that I really really will get some time soon to do the (now 5) memes that I'm tagged in.

But probably, you shouldn't hold you breath (or even you bladder)

see you soon!