What am I addicted to?

you need to ask?

seriously you need to ASK!!

I'm an online junkie of the worst kind. I adore t'interwebs. I love to chatter inanely at random people. I discovered 'message boards' 10 years ago when pregnant with darling daughter. I chatted like a crazy woman to other mums, we shared laughs ideas, photos, information; and on one noticeable occasion a group of us shared being banned form BabyNamesWorld for misbehaviour!
We left and created our own spin off group, but the message boards were like cannabis, a weak drug, not giving me quite the fix I needed - it wasn't FAST enough...

so gradually I drifted away and then I found Yahoo Answers! a place filled with life, a place where people wanted advice on anything from parenting, animal husbandry, sex to wedding dress choices and boyfriend advice, I was in heaven! I told it like it was, I got a little 'top contributor' button - I was FLYING....
but slowly the questions became boring, each was similar to another, some were mind numbingly stupid (He says he loves me so I should sleep wid him? wat ya think?) I drifted again..

A brief flurry into MySpace was fun, following celebrities and listening to music, but really the interaction was lacking.

Friends Reunited peaked my interest for a while, catching up with past loves, but it cost money! (although of course the addict in me paid up!) and after getting into trouble (again!) with a jealous wife I drifted away.

Facebook! Aha finally the cocaine I needed! a buzz, lots of people, random strangers - family - friends, they were all here, there was chat, statuses, notes, photos, groups FUN! I lived facebook! for a while. Then the 'games' appeared. People played but they no longer talked, my addiction to communicating with the world was at risk!!

but finally, finally Heroin......Twitter, yes Twitter, which I resisted for ages as 'nerdy' and 'not fun' and 'boring' and even 'stupid' how could I be so wrong!! Twitter was everything I needed, it was instant, always awake, always lively, filled with interesting, fun and nice people, with enough argument but not too much, ideas...oh how can I explain, if you tweet you know, if you don't......why!?

So thank you Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) for introducing me to the biggest addiction yet....

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